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Stepping Closer to Your Dreams
Stepping Closer to Your Dreams
Stepping Closer to Your Dreams
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STAR Asset Management Meluncurkan Reksa Dana Indeks STAR INFOBANK15
Stepping Closer to Your Dreams
Stepping Closer to Your Dreams
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STAR Asset Management Telah Meraih Penghargaan Best Investment Manager 2023
Stepping Closer to Your Dreams
Stepping Closer to Your Dreams
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Our Line Of Services



Our advisory license enable us to offer exclusive services to institutional customers. This provides us an advantage over our competitors in the market, helping us stand out and cement our reputation as a trusted business.

Fund Management

Fund management services with scheme:

1. Discretionary fund that can be customized in accordance of investor financial objectives and risk profile
2. Investasi produk reksa dana yang telah tersedia, yang mencakup risiko rendah, moderat dan tinggi

Our Flagships Products

Our flagship products can help to optimize your investment returns



STAR Obligasi Negara Prima

STAR Balanced III

STAR Money Market Kelas Utama

STAR Stable Income Fund

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Last Unit Price

Rabu, 14 Jun 2023

Rp 1.316,98


Total Assets Under Management

Rp 150,35 M

Total Managed Funds: Rp 150,35 M

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Investment Calculator

Let's calculate how much you need to invest and find the most suitable products to achieve your financial goals

Hello Ericht,

To obtain Rp within 35 Tahun, you need to:

High Risk

Investing in Mutual Funds with a high level of risk, assuming a return of 10.00%

Rp 134,440 / month (Estimate)

Moderate Risk

Invest in Mutual Funds with a moderate level of risk, assuming a return of 7.40%

Rp 134,440 / month (Estimate)

Low Risk

Invest in Mutual Funds with a low level of risk, assuming a return of 4.20%

Rp 134,440 / month (Estimate)


The calculation above is a simulation only. The presented data does not represent historical data and is not an indication of future performance. There is no guarantee of investment outcomes; return assumptions are subject to changing market conditions. Investing through Mutual Funds involves risks. Investors are fully responsible for the results and risks of the chosen investment decisions, whether based on the investment calculator's results or not. Investors are required to read and understand the prospectus before deciding to invest.

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First time with mutual fund?

Relax… here are some frequently asked questions

Investment products like mutual funds are highly suitable for investors who face various limitations, such as limited time, restricted funds, limited information, and limited investment knowledge. Additionally, these instruments can also help mitigate investment risks by diversifying across various investment products. However, it doesn't mean that mutual funds are entirely risk-free. Therefore, investors still need to study the various risks associated with these products.

Mutual funds are a means to gather funds from the public managed by a legal entity called an Investment Manager, which are then invested in securities such as stocks, bonds, and money market instruments.

Mutual funds themselves have various types of products, namely:

– Money Market Mutual Fund

– Fixed Income Mutual Fund

– Mixed Mutual Fund

– Equity Mutual Fund

– Sharia Mutual Fund

About STAR Asset Management

PT Surya Timur Alam Raya Asset Management (STAR AM) is a company engaged in asset management in Indonesia. The company's primary focus is on managing investment funds and providing investment advisory services, both for individuals and business entities. STAR AM is dedicated to consistently offering high-quality investment solutions, which enables STAR AM to assert its position as one of the investment managers with a high level of growth in the mutual fund industry in Indonesia.

Investment Made Faster, Easier, and Safer!

STAR Asset Management's products are available through several trusted and Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) registered Mutual Fund Selling Agent (APERD) partners. By investing through STAR Asset Management's official APERD, you can enjoy the convenience of investing

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